ArtReach 2017: The Art of Dreams
Sixth Annual Regional High School Art Exhibition
March 4-30, 2017

Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony
Saturday, March 4, 2017, 6-9pm

Open Gallery Hours:
Fridays - Sundays, noon - 5:00 pm, beginning March 5 through March 30
Group tours and special events are available upon request


Dreams have played an important role in the arts since humans first began to represent the world around them by painting visions of their hunt for food on cave walls.  In modern times, dreams have been seen more as a connection to the unconscious mind, and they can range from ordinary to overly surreal and bizarre and also have varying moods, such as frightening, exciting, magical, melancholic, or adventurous.

Sigmund Freud’s work in the late 19th century led him to conclude that through a procedure he called “free association” coupled with dream analysis, patients could fruitfully reveal the complex structures of the unconscious.  Working with free association, dreams and the unconscious was of utmost importance to the Surrealists in their mission to develop methods of liberating the imagination.
Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte created the most widely recognized images of the Surrealist movement.  They painted unnerving illogical images with photographic precision; they created strange creatures from everyday objects; and they developed painting techniques to allow the unconscious to express itself.

Not all dreams occur at night.  Daydreaming and visionary fantasies can also be explored. Whether happy, pleasant thoughts, hopes or ambitions, or imagining something as coming to pass.
Dreaming is a very different mode of thought, and the visual arts are the fields closest to natural dream imagery, so dream on artists, dream on!

ArtReach Field Trips
A special opportunity for grades 7-12 to experience, explore and talk about visual art.  Over 250 artworks will be on display, all created by area high school students who were inspired by this year's theme, The Art of Dreams. Small-group, facilitator-led discussions help students to develop their critical and creative thinking skills; an art-making activity allows for students to express their own dreams; and free time in the exhibition allows for self-discovery.  Field trips and busing are free; reservations required. See below for more information and how to reserve your trip.

ArtReach 2017 Lesson Plan 

For More Information
Lugene Whitley, Curator

To participate, students must be enrolled in an area high school, grades 9-12, during the 2016-17 academic year; submitted artwork must have been inspired by this year’s theme and have been completed during the academic year under an art teacher’s supervision.

Each art teacher may submit a maximum of 20 original artworks. Please refer to the ArtReach 2017 Guidelines for additional information.

Each submission must include a completed Entry Form with the artist’s statement. Each art teacher may submit a maximum of 20 original artworks. An ArtReach 2017 Inventory Sheet must accompany all artwork when it is dropped off at the Millard Sheets Art Center (see Guidelines for drop-off dates).


Is it ever possible to understand the meaning of a work of art as separate from the way in which we receive it?

A special opportunity for grades 6-12 to experience, explore and talk about visual art. Over 250 artworks will be on display, all created by area high school students who were inspired by this year's theme, The Art of Dreams.

Since the beginning of human time, dreams have stimulated creativity and expression, and no less so than in the visual arts which has given rise to some of its most arresting images. In addition to the many and varied dreams so important to religion and myth there has emerged, in the last few centuries since the birth of Romanticism, an exploration of the more personal dream world. Indeed, with Freud’s linking of dreams to the unconscious, which heavily influenced the Surrealist Movement of the early 1920’s, dream-inspired art has perhaps proved the perfect vehicle for those artists looking to surface that which lies submerged – desire, guilt, fear, ambition – to bring to light the truth the waking mind often keeps hidden.

Like a dream, art both is and isn’t true. They both offer a challenge to the tyranny of realism, replacing what is with what might be. Both also generate an altered state of consciousness removed from the humdrum of the every day, and possibly most importantly, they both lend themselves to interpretation. And interpretation is the focus of the ArtReach Field Trip Program – to help students observe, question, and make meaning of artwork created by a group of their peers. 

As a result of participating in this field trip program, students will be able to:
1. Describe what they see and how they think about specific works of art.
2. Link the specific works of art to the overall theme of the exhibit, to other works of art within the exhibit, and to other students’ ideas.
3. Discuss how they interpret the works of art, and how art can have multiple meanings and interpretations.
4. Explain the critical role of the use of color, composition and texture, and materials to the overall effect and meaning of the work. 

The half-day field trip consists of:
 - An overview of the exhibition with the curator
 - Small-group, facilitator-led discussions about specific artworks so students can develop their critical and creative thinking skills
 - An art-making activity that allows students to contribute to a group installation piece
 - Free time in the exhibition for self-discovery

Instruction Downloads and Details








April 28 - May 12, 2016

Opening Reception 
Thursday, April 28, 2016
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Gallery hours: Saturdays 12:00-4:00pm

The Capstone exhibition is an opportunity for anyone who has created artwork in any of our classes here at the art center throughout the year to display their work and celebrate with friends and family.

We accept submissions from the following classes:
Reed Fine Art
Palates and Palettes
Adult Evening Courses - Watercolor ~ Pottery ~ Figure Drawing
Junior Potters
Family Workshops
All Instructors

Students who were enrolled in semesters previous to the exhibition are encouraged to hold on to their artwork throughout the year in order to be included.


So Cal MFA
June 2016

Opening Reception 
June 4th - 6:00-9:00pm

SoCalMFA is open to all current Southern California MFA students in the areas of Drawing and Painting, Illustration, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, New Media, and Ceramics.

Juried by Steve Comba - Associate Director of the Pomona College Museum of Art

Submit work via
March 22:Deadline to submit images of workfor consideration
April 25:Artists are notified if they are accepted
May 14:Artists drop off work at the Millard Sheets Art Center
June 4:Opening reception

Fees: There will be a $20 dollar entry fee and artists may enter up to 10 artworks.
* Scholarships or prizes may be awarded at the opening reception
Students MUST be able to drop off and pick up their work from the Millard Sheets Art Center. Artwork CANNOT be shipped to the gallery.
Work must be ready to hang and fitted with proper hanging attachments.


The Art Classic: Oasis
The LA County Fair Art Exhibition
September 2016

Opening Reception 

The Art Classic is much more than just an exhibition! We create exhibitions, performances, artist talks, hands-on workshops, demonstrations, and the Annual Plein Air Painting Competition.

The Art Classic brings contemporary and traditional artwork to tens of thousands of guests new and experienced to the world of art LA County has to offer. We partner with regional art associations, artists, and organizations to offer a variety of activities and experiences throughout each day of the LA County Fair. This exhibition has been ongoing since the fair began in 1922 and today we hold the tradition with the highest honor as an opportunity to bring art to the people of LA County and our neighbors in surrounding communities of Southern California. 

The Art Classic: Oasis
The Millard Sheets Art Center is pleased to announce our second annual 2016 exhibition The Art Classic: Oasis at the Los Angeles County Fair, which will run from September 2nd-25th, 2016. Oasis will address water as seen through the eyes of Los Angeles artists.

Over the last decade, California has seen a severe decrease in rain fall that has led to consequences throughout the state that has affected us all. This year, in stark contrast, we will experience record rain fall due to a significant “El Niño”. The Los Angeles region is comprised of mountains, rivers, and ocean shores; farms, cities, and suburbs, each with its own unique reaction to the fall and rise of our water levels.

This year, The Art Classic Oasis will focus squarely on these areas and how they’re affected and beautified by the world’s most precious resource, water.

Visitors to the art center will have the opportunity to learn and appreciate all that water provides us through a combination of exhibitions and educational programs.

Beginning in the front gallery, visitors will view artwork of the Pacific Ocean by Millard Sheets in a unique opportunity to view some of his best work focused on his time traveling throughout California and the Pacific Islands.

In our main gallery, visitors will view artwork by artists of the Los Angeles Art Association as they tackle the question of how are our region is beautified and affected by water in a variety of ways. This exhibition will bring a range of artwork in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and multi-media installations.

In our back gallery we will feature two exhibitions. One, a call for watercolors from our regions art associations that will bring the very best of contemporary watercolor of 2016. Two, an exhibition of Plein Air paintings from members of the California Art Club. These paintings will be created the first weekend of the Los Angeles County Fair and exhibited thereafter.

Throughout the galleries, visitors will have the opportunity to view and interact with artists painting and demonstrating their craft. Visitors are encouraged to engage with the artists and learn some of their trade skills.


Our exhibitions for LACF 2016 will be accompanied by educational programs that will teach our guests, not only about the artwork itself, but also the importance of water conservation.

Our FairKids visitors will engage in our galleries and our art studios to learn about visiting an art gallery, how to engage with the artwork through conversations and ideas, and enjoy making their own artwork in our art center studios. The FairKids program will provide educational resources for elementary, middle and high school students.

Throughout The Art Classic, we will provide artist talks, tours, and lectures as an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the artwork and the importance of water conservation.

In our studios, visitors will have the opportunity to play with clay in one of our favorite LACF programs, Clay Play. Visitors to LACF of all ages can learn from experienced students who learn here in our studios year round, the basics of being a potter in a fun 30 minutes class. A great way to relax, learn, and cool off!

The Garden Patio

This year the patio will feature beautiful California wild flowers, delicious and healthy food options from our pop-up café by Twisted Sage, and a variety of musical and theatrical performances.

The Art Walk

Brand new this year to the Millard Sheets Art Center and LACF is The Art Walk. Located just outside of The Garden Patio on Redwood Street; artists, museums, and arts organizations will provide guests with additional opportunities to learn about the arts here in Los Angeles County. Guests have the chance to speak with and watch artists at work, find out how to get involved in our local art organizations, and select from a variety of artwork to purchase and add to their collection.

Fine Arts at the LA County Fair

As these elements come together, the LA County Fair brings the Fine Arts to over a million visitors in a variety of engaging, thoughtful, and educational ways. These exhibitions, artists, and organizations come together in order to support and expand the arts and inspire the next generation of great, creative minds here in LA County. 

California Arts Club 
Members Show
November 2016 - January 2017

Opening Reception 

Check back soon for more details!